Privacy Policy for

I don't collect or share personal data. That's my privacy policy in a nutshell.

The long version

For me it is of utmost importance that your personal privacy is respected.

The only personal data that I am processing, is that you have sent to me (by email for example). I do not collect personal data in any other way. I do not sell, nor shared personal data to anyone with the exception of what is required by law. Neither do I store personal data longer than necessary.

I am using privacy enhanced technologies and configurations on this domain such as encryption of web traffic via HTTPS, Content Security Policy and Referrer Policy to protect your privacy. You can verify this domain privacy enhanced technologies and configurations on Webbkoll or PrivacyScore. For your privacy I am not either using any cookies, third-party requests, tools for analysing the web traffic or other means to collect or profile personal data.

I am using as host for this domain. have their servers located in Denmark. I am also using ProtonMail as my email provider. ProtonMail have their servers located in Switzerland.

For the personal data that I am processing have I implement appropriate security measures and safeguards, designed to protect the personal data against unauthorised processing and unauthorised disclosure of (or access to) the personal data.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Niklas Nikitin, the owner of