About Niklas Nikitin

Niklas is raised halfway between Stockholm and Oslo, in Grythyttan, a small and beautiful village surrounded by dense forest and hundreds of small lakes, and ponds. Growing up in such an environment it is no surprise that Niklas has a great appreciation for nature. He prefers to photograph landscape, especially intimate landscapes.

Niklas at the Faroe Island
Photo: Magnus Lindbom.

During the years, his photography travels have brought him to places like the grand and intimate landscapes of Antarktis, Svalbard and Scotland. Though, having traveled far and wide, the bog close to his home area is a motif he often returns to.

Photography being his main hobby, Niklas is always trying to improve his skills and ability to identify new photo opportunities. Being very modest, he might not admit it himself, but we can tell that Niklas has a fascinating ability to analyze and reflect upon his own work, thus knowing how he needs to challenge himself. This might seem an obvious skill in development but few are as curious, motivated and self-reflecting as Niklas. Nor is he the kind who constantly shoots. Like a professional photographer, he awaits and prepares for the right moment.

His ambition is to get published in more magazines and displayed in exhibitions. But mostly, Niklas wants to continue to enjoy and discover new landscapes, cultures and friends while traveling with his camera.

Niklas started photographing in his early teens and it has been a hobby ever since. Today he lives in Karlstad. Niklas has exhibited at different occasion in Sweden since 2011 and been featured in multiple Swedish media channels.

Equipment and technics

Sony logo, used with permission
Niklas began with Kodachrome but switched to digital in 2007. Today he uses lenses and full frame mirrorless cameras from Sony. Nearly all his landscape images are taken from a sturdy Really Right Stuff tripod and ballhead. And to get optimal sharpness in the images, Niklas uses focus stacking frequently.

In post processing Niklas do very little, instead, he puts time and effort on composition and exposure during the actual photography. What he does in post processing are adjusting the white balance and exposure (including highlight, shadows, whites and blacks), contrast and cropping to preferred ratio; 4:3, 5:4 and 1:1. For the grand landscape with sky, he sometimes also include a digital graded ND-filter to darken the sky to have a balance in the image.


Photographers who inspires Niklas are; Hans Strand, Patrik Larsson, Simon Baxter and Fredrik Boo.

Original text: Johannes Duelund.